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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

At Aquitaine Info we want to make life easy for you, below we’ve covered a few of the more obvious questions on peoples minds.

Health Care Registration & Insurance

Getting into the Health Care system in France is essential. You need patience and a good grip of their Officialdom! I have been there and helped many others to set off to stress free Registration, and ensuring that you secure the level of financial protection that you want for your health care needs by means of “Top Up” Insurance.

Registering & Buying a Vehicle

I am a self confessed “Car Nut”! So anything involving Cars is something I love to do. Dealing with the Local “Prefecture” to register your UK car or your new purchase can be very daunting, so get help from someone who knows what you need to do and how. In the process I have built up many contacts for spares, repairs and even finding a car for your needs.

Utility Companies

Do you have a choice? What is available? Many questions arise for everyday needs. I have managed to find efficient contacts with all the major companies and knowledge of the smaller companies. How you treat these utility companies can mean the difference of being connected in 2 weeks or 3 months! So please let me help..

Notaires & Legal Advisors

Having worked here since the beginning of 2004, I have gained a comprehensive knowledge of the local Notaires, their fees and their expertise, making life easier for you to be teamed with a hard working, effective as well as efficient Notaire.

Employment & Self Employment

I have enjoyed being both employed and now run my own Business! The Law is very involved and complicated. Let me help you to find the best way from the start. Work in the Dordogne and Lot et Garonne is not easy to find, but good contacts help!
Unemployment is a minefield of “reasons NOT TO PAY YOU!” We Know and have been there. See what I can do to help.

Buying or Renting a Home

I can advise and help you if you are looking for a home to buy or rent and guide you through all the stages required to secure your home. I have lived here since February 2004, and have rented and bought here!

Employment & Self EmploymentInsurance Needs

The broker is King here! It is a challenge to ensure that you have actually got the cover you thought you had. I have burned my fingers, and after many years have learned whom you can trust, and importantly, ensure that in the event of a claim you are cared for properly. From the Car to the House and the all important Health Top Up Cover, I can help.

Recommended Trades & Services

I have over the years seen and experienced the Good, the Bad and the Plain Ugly! As everywhere it is important to listen and check the work of a Builder, Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber & Kitchen Fitter, before you commit. I have Artisans in all these trades that I know I can trust to do a good job for a fair price who are legally registered and Insured.

Banks, Tax Authorities & Financial Services.

Banks can be a real challenge, so please talk to me about who can care for you and where you can secure a good exchange rate! I can save you money, and in these difficult times that is definitely worth a chat. From paying the Local Taxes to Paying the French equivalent of National Insurances, or declaring your earnings I can help with form filling and advising you on good accountants, and trust worthy Financial Advisers. Paperwork is the order of the day, so do not hesitate to ask for help.

Places to Eat

Paul loves his food and knows where and what is a great place to eat, you will just need to meet me to see that I love good food!

One More Question?

Obviously we can’t answer all the questions you might have, if you have more drop us a line.

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